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Everything in this world revolves around a lot of things. Some of those things are honesty, love, care, and trust. 

Trust is a big thing. Have to “earn it” or so they say. Trust is easily given as it is taken. Some people say they have “trust issues”. The reason for that could be 2 reasons, they trusted someone and they betrayed them. Or they know what it is like from past experiences. Meaning they know what could happen but never had it happened to them. Yet.

I would like to focus mostly on trust because people really do toy around with it. Play with friends, family, even strangers trust to gain what they want. That is what you could call selfish. Some people don’t realize they do that. But they will soon enough. Maybe they wont.

What I can say is that I have learned you cant really “trust” everyone you know. Even if they are close to you. People can be twisted and evil in there own way. Can’t believe its taken me so long realizing it’s all just a game.

What I mean by that is everyone in this world is just fighting for them self. Doing things to help them self achieve better than the other. In other words, not a lot of people can be trusted if they think like that. You really do need other people to depend on and not just yourself.

Trust is what binds friendships. 

Its what makes a family whole

Without trust, you really dont have anything.

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Where is my talent


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I feel like everyone on tumblr wants food, sex, free wifi, and adventures.

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Yes you read that right. And yes I meant to spell it like that too. What I hate most about education is that its now going to start to cost money to learn after 12 years of free learning. I just wonder who thinks these things through….Wanting 18 or 19 year old starting to make drastic decisions.

Choosing something they will have to do for the rest of there entire life. Spending countless years learning that knowledge that they had to pay for. That everyone had to paid for, to get to where they are now. You may wonder who is they? They would reflect a single human being. Where they are standing now in life, how they got where they now are. 

This really sucks. Thinking its just that easy going into college, or starting a life. But it really isn’t. Education doesn’t prepare you for what you really need to know. Taxes, bills, food, heath, job, home, family, friends, and life. That all doesn’t really co exist with education. There isn’t a class about those things, those things that make up this world itself. With a few others in between. 

Education takes 2 + 2 = 4  and the number for Pi is 3.14159265359

That we have vowels like aeiou and sometimes y

That i before e, except after c

Education is a good thing to have. But I’m honestly starting to see that it doesn’t really get you far in life if you have to pay for it. It’s preposterous and I just don’t understand.

I have doubts, and I have dreams. One will win and one will lose. Figuring out which one wins is going to be hard to see. But it is all up to me.

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